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Dear Comrades,
The next AIC shall be held at Bangalore on 21st & 22nd November 2015 at Bangalore.  CHQ has finalized the eligible number of delegates (based on last 3 years average quota to CHQ) and visitors for each SSA.  The same is given below for your information.  Please elect the delegates accordingly in your GB.  Please intimate to the Circle by 15th July 2015, the number of delegates and number of visitors attending the AIC from your SSA.  If some SSAs are not sending the allotted number of visitors and if there is a demand from some other SSAs for more than the allotted number, then the circle union can reallocate that.  But in any case, the total number of visitors from Tamilnadu cannot exceed 134.
With fraternal greetings
V. Rama Rao
Circle Secretary


A New SSA Division of our All India BSNL PWA has been launched at Uthagamandalam as NILGIRIS DIVISION on 28-4-2015.
At the outset Com.Purushothaman has welcomed the gathering.
Com.K.Muthiayalu, All India Organsing Secretary, and President Tamilnadu Circle 
has presided over the function.
Smt.R.Chandra DGM Admn O/O GM Coonoor has joined as Chief Guest of the function and greeted the newly formed Association.
Smt.Bagyalakshmi SDE has also presented on the occassion.

The following comrades also presented and greeted the newly formed Association
Com.K.V.Ganesh SNEA Dist.Secretary.
Com.C.Palaniswamy, Circle Vice president
Com.B.Arunachalam, Circle Org.Secretary
Com.R.Thiruvenkataswamy, Coimbatore Dist.Secretary
Com.A.Vamanan, Coimbatore District Joint secretary
Com.T.S.Ashokkumar FNPTO Dist.Secretary
Com.S.Anthoniswamy, FNPTO Dist Asst.Secretary
Com.R.G.Rangan NFTE Circle Org.Secretary

Com.K.Muthiayalu,gave a wide speech about the necessity of the Association for the 
pensioners. Around 30 retired persons gathered for the function

Com.R.Thiruvenkatswamy CBE Dist.Secretary. has given a speech about formation of Association at Coimbatore from the very begining.
Com.B.Arunachalam,Circle Org.Secretary has also given a speech regarding the difficulties experienced and the remedial measures for the grievance
Com.Ramaswamy and Com.Rangan has also greeted and helped for conducting the function The function was concluded by vote of thanks by Com.L.Chickan Rtd SS

The following were elected as office bearers for the newly formed Division.
Com.T.Viswanathan (Rtd. DE)       President
Com.A.A.Doss (Rtd STM)               Secretary
Com.O.Sannan                             Treasurer
The meeting was held at Recreation Club OOTY
The New Banner for Nilgiris was donated by Com.B.Arunachalam Circle Org.Secy

21st APRIL 2015
Yesterday, our leaders – Com. G Natarajan (GS), Com. P Gangadhara Rao (AGS) and Com. K Muthiyalu (Org. Secretary) – met Smt Annie Moraes, Member (Finance) of Telecom Commission and discussed the case of 78.2% IDA for pension revision. When our leaders pointed out the undue delay in the case and the serious concern of BSNL pensioners all over the country, the Member (Finance) said that it is only usual Administrative delay. Finally, she assured that she would clear the File very soon. 
We hope that the revised Cabinet Note will be sent to the four nodal departments for their views/consent soon.

1.  Keep your pension account jointly with your spouse. 
It must be "E or S"  account. All banks and even post office are accepting opening this account for pensioners. You can convert your existing old account into "E or S" even now also. 

2 .Please do not forget to submit
a). Life Certificate for Pension in your Bank (in any branch)/Post office     – November
b) Life Certificate for Land Line Phone in Commercial Section, Ramnagar – November
c) M R S card renewal                - April
Note: Our Association is taking steps to submit the above (b and c ) in bulk

3. Please keep your PPO Book, MRS card, SB A/C pass book etc., in safe place
4.Please always carry only the laminated copy of  BSNL Pensioners’ ID card for your safety.

For General Treatment
1.Aswin Hospital,     Sathy Road Coimbatore 641012
2 Lalitha Hoapitals,   X cut Road Coimbatore 641012
3.Kongu nadu Hospitals Tatabad Coimbatore 641012

For Eye
1.The Eye Foundation,  D B Road, R S  Puram, Coimbatore 641012
2. Vasan Eye Care

For Heart and Cancer Treatment

G Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, Pappanaickenpalayam
   Coimbatore 641037