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(Site updated   at  15:00  Hrs  on  01-4-2015


       Com.Narasimhan reports from Chennai

" STR DIVISION normal website is shut down from
 7-4-15 due to abnormal increase of viewers thereby exceeding their monthly free usage limit.  Hence STR DIVISION is updating the news in their standby website.  To go to their standby website please go to the website address:  strdivision.webs.com      Pensioners are requested to note down this standby website.   Their normal website will be restored after 22nd of this month only. sorry for the inconvenience.    -STR DIVISION-

 78.2% CASE... THE FILE IS MOVING.....

It is reported from New Delhi that the revised Cabinet Note has been forwarded by Establishment Section to Finance Wing of Department of Telecom yesterday.


31-3-15:  IDA INCREASE FROM 01/04/2015


IDA increased 0.2% FROM 1st APRIL.

ie FROM 100.3 %TO 100.5% from 1-4-2015



Tamilnadu Circle Executive Committee Meeting was held at Vellore on 26th & 27th, March, 2015. Com K. Muthiyalu Presided the Meeting.  Circle Office bearers and District Secretaries attended the meeting.  Com D. Gopalakrishnan gave full details about the discussion he had with DOT Secretary & Member Finance on our 78.2% IDA Pension Revision case on 26-3-15 at New Delhi.  

Excellent arrangements were made by VLR Comrades.                 Com K. Muthiyalu, A. Sugumaran, S. Sridharan & D.S. Ramalingam of STR Dn. attended the Meeting. *************************************************

1.  Keep your pension account jointly with your spouse. 
It must be "E or S"  account. All banks and even post office are accepting opening this account for pensioners. You can convert your existing old account into "E or S" even now also. 

2 .Please do not forget to submit
a). Life Certificate for Pension in your Bank (in any branch)/Post office     – November
b) Life Certificate for Land Line Phone in Commercial Section, Ramnagar – November
c) M R S card renewal                - April
Note: Our Association is taking steps to submit the above (b and c ) in bulk

3. Please keep your PPO Book, MRS card, SB A/C pass book etc., in safe place
4.Please always carry only the laminated copy of  BSNL Pensioners’ ID card for your safety.

For General Treatment
1.Aswin Hospital,     Sathy Road Coimbatore 641012
2 Lalitha Hoapitals,   X cut Road Coimbatore 641012
3.Kongu nadu Hospitals Tatabad Coimbatore 641012

For Eye
1.The Eye Foundation,  D B Road, R S  Puram, Coimbatore 641012
2. Vasan Eye Care

For Heart and Cancer Treatment

G Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, Pappanaickenpalayam
   Coimbatore 641037